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  • ID # 81820837
    Member Since: 14-08-2018
    7000 tk/month , DHAKA
    Qualification: M.Sc in Mathematics
    Teaching: General Math, ICT, Multiple subjects, 2 Subjects, 3 Subjects, 4 Subjects, All Subject, Math, Biology, General Science, Higher Math, Physics
    Areas: adabar , cantonment , mirpur , mohammadpur , pallabi , shekherteck, shyamoli, uttara
    Experience: 8 years private experience. (2 year in Dhaka city 6 years in pabna city) more details

    ID # 81820843
    Member Since: 14-08-2018
    5000 tk/month , DHAKA
    Qualification: MBS (Accounting), 1st Class
    Teaching: Accounting, Finance
    Areas: badda , cantonment , gulshan , khilgaon , mirpur , mohakhali, rampura , shahbag , shyamoli, tejgaon , uttara
    Experience: 10+ year exp. more details

    ID # 81820854
    Farjana Alam
    Member Since: 15-08-2018
    3000 tk/month , DHAKA
    Qualification: H.S.C
    Teaching: Eassy Writing, General Math, ICT, Multiple subjects, Social Science, 2 Subjects, 3 Subjects, 4 Subjects, All Subject, Bangla, English, English Literature, General Science, Islamic Studies, Art
    Areas: cantonment , mohakhali, tejgaon
    Experience: It's a great app. I will make sure to help you the best. more details

    ID # 81820928
    Mohammed Kamal Hossain
    Member Since: 25-08-2018
    5000 tk/month , DHAKA
    Qualification: MBS in Accounting with CA-CC
    Teaching: General Math, ICT, Multiple subjects, Religion/ Islamiat, Social Science, 2 Subjects, 3 Subjects, Bangla, English, Math, Accounting, Economics, English Literature, Finance, General Science
    Areas: badda
    Experience: I have been teaching to a lot of students from class 1 to HSC since 1999. more details

    ID # 81820942
    Taiful Islam
    Member Since: 26-08-2018
    15000 tk/month , DHAKA
    Qualification: B. Sc in Engineering (Mechanical), BUET.
    Teaching: General Math, Math, Chemistry, Physics
    Areas: ashulia , cantonment , dhamrai, dhanmondi , kafrul , kalabagan , kallyanpur, mirpur , mohammadpur , savar, shyamoli, uttara
    Experience: I am a Mechanical Engineer from BUET. I have more than 8 years of experience in the field of tutoring both bangla medium and English medium especially class IX-XII, A,O Level. more details

    ID # 81821001
    Ahmed Zabir
    Member Since: 29-08-2018
    5500 tk/month , DHAKA
    Qualification: O levels
    Teaching: General Math, ICT, 2 Subjects, 3 Subjects, English, Math
    Areas: adabar , darussalam , dhanmondi , kafrul , kalabagan , kallyanpur, mirpur , mohammadpur , pallabi , shahali , sher-e-banglanagar , shyamoli
    Experience: I'm an A levels candidate for 2019 on the Cambridge Board and am eager to tutor students. I, myself have had taught students before and have achieved 4As and an A* in my O levels examination with an 8 more details

    ID # 91821065
    Gazi Habib
    Member Since: 02-09-2018
    4000 tk/month , DHAKA
    Qualification: M.A (IAU)
    Teaching: Website, Quran Reading, ICT, Social Science, Bangla, English, Chemistry, English Literature, General Science, History, Islamic Studies, Physics
    Areas: jatrabari , kadamtali , motijheel , paltan
    Experience: I know how to guide the students for desired & highest success. more details

    ID # 91821200
    Abdullah Al Numan
    Member Since: 09-09-2018
    8000 tk/month , DHAKA
    Qualification: Bsc in IPE
    Teaching: C, C#, C++, Website, General Math, ICT, 2 Subjects, 3 Subjects, 4 Subjects, All Subject, Bangla, English, Math, Chemistry, General Science, Higher Math, Physics, Statistics
    Areas: adabar , dhanmondi , hazaribagh , kallyanpur, mirpur , mohammadpur , motijheel , newmarket , paltan , ramna , shahbag , shekherteck, sher-e-banglanagar , shyamoli, tejgaon
    Experience: Hello, I am Numan. I am friendly to the students. I have experience. I have the ability to take care of the student. The system I maintain is both giving home work and taking weekly test. For differe more details

    ID # 91821214
    Malobika Moly
    Member Since: 09-09-2018
    6000 tk/month , DHAKA
    Qualification: BBA(Finance)
    Teaching: General Math, ICT, Social Science, Bangla, English, Math, Accounting, English Literature, General Science, Economics
    Areas: mohammadpur , sher-e-banglanagar , shyamoli
    Experience: I'm confidence to take challenges,I'm able to doing work under pressure... I have two years experience ... more details

    ID # 91821272
    Israt Jahan Bristy
    Member Since: 12-09-2018
    5000 tk/month , DHAKA
    Qualification: BBA
    Teaching: Religion/ Islamiat, Social Science, 3 Subjects, Bangla, English, Accounting, English Literature, Finance, General Science, Islamic Studies
    Areas: mirpur
    Experience: I'm studying BBA in BGMEA.I have most skillfull experiences of teaching specially English.I also teach other subjects specially students of Commerce. I am confident that my passion and experience are more details

    ID # 91821284
    Md. Liton Ali
    Member Since: 12-09-2018
    0 tk/month , DHAKA
    Qualification: Masters in Information Science and Library Management
    Teaching: 3D Design, Android, Java, Light Room, Linux, MS Access, MS Office, MS SQL, My SQL, Other, PHP, Ubuntu, Web Application, Website, Windows Desktop, Windows Server, Management, Others, English, IELTS, Spoken English, Eassy Writing, ICT, Multiple subjects, Social Science, All Subject, Bangla, English, Civics, Computer Science, General Science, Phsychology, Statistics
    Areas: badda , basundhara residential, bimanbandar , cantonment , dhanmondi , gulshan , kalabagan , khilkhet , ramna , shahbag , sher-e-banglanagar , uttara
    Experience: 6 years. more details

    ID # 91821296
    Shanto tripura
    Member Since: 13-09-2018
    7000 tk/month , DHAKA
    Qualification: BSc Engg.
    Teaching: Multiple subjects, Social Science, 3 Subjects, English, Math, Biology, Chemistry, Higher Math, Physics
    Areas: kalabagan , kallyanpur, shyamoli
    Experience: more details

    ID # 91821360
    Rabbi Hossain
    Member Since: 16-09-2018
    3000 tk/month , DHAKA
    Qualification: H.S.C complete
    Teaching: Android, Android, MS Office, WAN, General Math, ICT, Bangla, Math, Computer Science, Physics
    Areas: kafrul , mirpur , pallabi , uttara
    Experience: I have experience 2 years of home tutor. more details

    ID # 91821361
    Rakibul Islam
    Member Since: 16-09-2018
    8000 tk/month , DHAKA
    Qualification: BBA
    Teaching: English, IELTS, Spoken English, English
    Areas: badda , dhanmondi , gendaria , jatrabari , kalabagan , khilgaon , mohammadpur , motijheel , newmarket , paltan , rampura , sutrapur
    Experience: IELTS Score: 6.5 PTE Academic Score: 72 (IELTS equivalent-7.00) Experience: 3 years Previous Teaching: IELTS, PTE, SPOKEN, SSC & HSC academic teaching. more details

    ID # 91821375
    Shahriar Ahmed Neel
    Member Since: 17-09-2018
    6000 tk/month , DHAKA
    Qualification: EEE 3rd year
    Teaching: General Math, ICT, Social Science, Bangla, Math, Computer Science, General Science, Physics
    Areas: badda , bimanbandar , dakshinkhan , gulshan , khilkhet , uttara , uttarkhan
    Experience: more details

    ID # 91821547
    Sadik Academy
    Member Since: 26-09-2018
    4000 tk/month , DHAKA
    Qualification: BA & MA in English
    Teaching: English, IELTS, Spoken English, TOFEL, Eassy Writing, English, English Literature
    Experience: One to one English spoken live class via online. For further query call over the whatsapp: +8801534270872 more details

    ID # 91821573
    Sajid Hossain
    Member Since: 27-09-2018
    7000 tk/month , DHAKA
    Qualification: HSC
    Teaching: 3 Subjects
    Areas: gulshan , mohakhali
    Experience: more details

    ID # 101821685
    Md. Arafatulla Hasan Arafat
    Member Since: 03-10-2018
    4000 tk/month , DHAKA
    Qualification: BSC in Electrical & Electronic Engineering
    Teaching: General Drawing, Bangla, English, Math, Physics
    Areas: badda
    Experience: I had a choching Cente... 2 years experience as a tutor.. more details

    ID # 101821746
    Shajedur Rahman
    Member Since: 05-10-2018
    8000 tk/month , DHAKA
    Qualification: M.SC (CSE)
    Teaching: C, MS Office, My SQL, PHP, Web Application, Website, General Math, ICT, Math, Higher Math
    Areas: badda , bimanbandar , cantonment , dhanmondi , gulshan , kalabagan , khilkhet , mirpur , mohakhali, mohammadpur , newmarket , uttara
    Experience: I am a teacher of a college for science department. Here I am respective teacher for Mathematics and ICT. I have also a specialty on strong Programming background on C, PHP with MySQL. I have a third more details

    ID # 101821751
    Member Since: 05-10-2018
    3000 tk/month , DHAKA
    Qualification: BS.C. IN TEXTILE 2ND YEAR
    Teaching: General Math, Bangla, Math, Higher Math, Physics
    Areas: ashulia , mohakhali, uttara , uttarkhan
    Experience: I have 3 years experience in teaching and I believe I'll completely cover your child. more details
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