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  • ID # 122040757
    Nafe Ar Roshid
    Member Since: 30-12-2020
    4000 tk/month , DHAKA
    Qualification: Bachelor on Aparel Merchandising & Management 3rd Year
    Teaching: 3D Design, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Video Editing, Spoken English, Eassy Writing, General Math, ICT, Multiple subjects, Religion/ Islamiat, Social Science, 2 Subjects, 3 Subjects, 4 Subjects, All Subject, Bangla, English, Math, Art, Accounting, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, English Literature, Finance, General Science, History, Islamic Studies, Law, Phsychology, Physics, Sociology, Statistics
    Areas: adabar , ashulia , kallyanpur, khilkhet , mirpur , mohammadpur , pallabi , shyamoli, turag , uttara , uttarkhan
    Experience: I have experience of teaching for years . Did tuition of STD 3 , 7 , 8 ,9 ,10 currently doing tuition of STD 8 of BISC . more details

    ID # 12140968
    Aesthetics BD
    Member Since: 21-01-2021
    3000 tk/month , DHAKA
    Qualification: O levels
    Teaching: Eassy Writing, General Math, Multiple subjects, 2 Subjects, 3 Subjects, 4 Subjects, All Subject, English, Math, Chemistry, Higher Math, Physics
    Areas: badda , cantonment , dhanmondi , gulshan , kafrul , kallyanpur, mirpur , mohakhali, mohammadpur , tejgaon
    Experience: I am an aspiring and motivated scholar who finished his O levels one year earlier and finished AS level in only six months. I chose physics, Chemistry, Add Maths, Maths D and English language as my o more details

    ID # 12141048
    Member Since: 31-01-2021
    80000 tk/month , DHAKA
    Qualification: B.Engineering
    Teaching: 2 Subjects, 3 Subjects, 4 Subjects
    Areas: dhanmondi , mohammadpur
    Experience: ... more details

    ID # 22141115
    Al Mamun Reza
    Member Since: 07-02-2021
    5000 tk/month , DHAKA
    Qualification: M.B.B.S
    Teaching: All Subject, Biology, Chemistry
    Areas: adabar , dhanmondi , kalabagan , khilkhet , mohammadpur , newmarket
    Experience: I have been teaching from 2016. I mostly prefer biology and chemistry to teach. more details

    ID # 22141118
    Member Since: 07-02-2021
    8000 tk/month , DHAKA
    Qualification: MBA
    Teaching: All Subject
    Areas: badda , gulshan
    Experience: I have been working as an Assistant Teacher in Light Fair School since 2019.Besides I am involved with teaching profession for more than five years. So it will be my pleasure if I get an opportunity t more details

    ID # 22141365
    Md. Mushfiqur Rahman
    Member Since: 14-02-2021
    6000 tk/month , DHAKA
    Qualification: BSC in Civil Engineering, RUET
    Teaching: General Math, Multiple subjects, All Subject, English, Math, Biology, Chemistry, General Science, Higher Math, Physics
    Areas: kafrul , mirpur , sher-e-banglanagar
    Experience: I have been teaching students since 2015 more details

    ID # 22141382
    Member Since: 16-02-2021
    4000 tk/month , DHAKA
    Qualification: BBA
    Teaching: 2 Subjects, Accounting, Finance
    Areas: kafrul , mirpur
    Experience: HshwhakAonqba more details

    ID # 22141398
    Shihab Ahmed
    Member Since: 18-02-2021
    8000 tk/month , DHAKA
    Qualification: HSC
    Teaching: General Math, ICT, Math, Computer Science, Higher Math, Physics
    Areas: dakshinkhan , uttara , uttarkhan
    Experience: Teaching students for 2 years and have started just after my admission tests. I got chance in many universities like Dhaka University-A unit(271),Buet(1225),Kuet(171)andSust(445)but decided to go into more details

    ID # 22141497
    Abu Raihan
    Member Since: 23-02-2021
    4000 tk/month , CHITTAGONG
    Qualification: B.Sc(Mathematics)
    Teaching: English, Math, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, General Science, Higher Math, Physics, Statistics
    Areas: bayejid bostami , hathazari
    Experience: more details

    ID # 32141653
    Khandakar Bulbul Ahmed
    Member Since: 11-03-2021
    6000 tk/month , DHAKA
    Qualification: B.A (Honours)M.A in English
    Teaching: SAT, Spoken English, Eassy Writing, Religion/ Islamiat, English, English Literature, History
    Areas: gulshan , kafrul , mirpur , mohakhali, pallabi , shyamoli
    Experience: I think my self to be an expert in English Language,be it spoken or other aspects.I strongly believe that My students will stand out by achieving good command over the discipline. I have been serving more details

    ID # 32141759
    Soniya Somani
    Member Since: 21-03-2021
    5000 tk/month , RAJSHAHI
    Qualification: BBA 3rd year(Continue)
    Teaching: Social Science, All Subject, Bangla, English, Art, Economics, General Science, History, Sociology
    Areas: boalia , shahmakhdum
    Experience: I have 3 years of teaching experience more details

    ID # 32141806
    Member Since: 26-03-2021
    6000 tk/month , DHAKA
    Qualification: B.sc(Honours) in Physics.
    Teaching: General Math, ICT, Multiple subjects, 2 Subjects, 3 Subjects, All Subject, Bangla, English, Math, Biology, Chemistry, General Science, Higher Math, Physics
    Areas: adabar , dhamrai, dhanmondi , gulshan , keraniganj, mirpur , mohakhali, mohammadpur , motijheel , newmarket , pallabi , savar, shahbag , shekherteck, sher-e-banglanagar , shyamoli, shyampur , sutrapur , tejgaon , uttara
    Experience: Having 4 year's experience as a home tutor. more details

    ID # 32141825
    Reshadul islam
    Member Since: 29-03-2021
    5000 tk/month , DHAKA
    Qualification: IGCSE
    Areas: dhanmondi , newmarket
    Experience: more details

    ID # 42142059
    Zakaria Ishan
    Member Since: 05-04-2021
    3000 tk/month , DHAKA
    Qualification: Bsc in Textile Engineering (4th semester Running)
    Teaching: General Math, Religion/ Islamiat, Social Science, English, Math, Computer Science, General Science, Physics
    Areas: badda , gulshan , mohakhali, rampura , tejgaon
    Experience: I am a student. I Study in Bsc at Textile Engineering in BUFT. I have experienced in teaching students of class 1-8 about 6 months. more details

    ID # 42142070
    Sujan Mozumder
    Member Since: 07-04-2021
    7000 tk/month , DHAKA
    Qualification: B.Sc. in Engineering (ETE)
    Teaching: General Math, ICT, Social Science, 2 Subjects, 3 Subjects, Bangla, Math, Chemistry, General Science, Higher Math, Physics
    Areas: adabar , dhanmondi , kallyanpur, mohammadpur , shekherteck, sher-e-banglanagar , shyamoli
    Experience: Having 3 Years Experience as a Home Tutor. more details

    ID # 62142920
    Member Since: 14-06-2021
    8000 tk/month , DHAKA
    Qualification: B.Sc (pass) with mathematics, Physics & Chemistry./ M.Ed
    Teaching: General Math, ICT, 2 Subjects, Math, Chemistry, General Science, Higher Math
    Areas: cantonment , dhanmondi , gulshan , lalbagh , mirpur , mohammadpur , motijheel , nawabganj, newmarket , pallabi , paltan , uttara
    Experience: I have 20 years experience as a tutor. I teach mathematics, general science,Higher mathematic & Ict from class 6 to 10. more details

    ID # 92144711
    Pallab Mandal
    Member Since: 30-09-2021
    3000 tk/month , DHAKA
    Qualification: Higher Secondary School Certificate
    Teaching: Multiple subjects, Bangla, English, Math, Art
    Areas: adabar , dhanmondi , mohammadpur , shyamoli
    Experience: I have experience as a tutor for more than 3 years. During the time I taught several students and their outcomes are very good. I assure quality education and a friendly teaching style for the best ou more details

    ID # 102144718
    Rabaya Sultana Mim
    Member Since: 01-10-2021
    8000 tk/month , DHAKA
    Qualification: BSc. In Information and Communication Engineering (ICE), Masters in Software Engineering (MSSE), Dhaka University
    Teaching: General Math, ICT, Religion/ Islamiat, Social Science, All Subject, Bangla, English, Math, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, English Literature, General Science, Higher Math, Islamic Studies, Physics
    Areas: cantonment , gulshan , kafrul , khilkhet , mirpur , mohakhali, pallabi , shahali , sher-e-banglanagar , uttara
    Experience: I have an experience of teaching for about 4years. I'm a student of IIT currently studying Software Engineering as my Major in Dhaka University. I teach only English Medium and English Version studen more details

    ID # 112145166
    Hafez Mawlana Mufti Abdul Mumin khan
    Member Since: 02-11-2021
    3000 tk/month , GOPALGONJ
    Qualification: Hafez Mawlana Mufty
    Teaching: Arabic, Quran Reading, Religion/ Islamiat, Bangla, Islamic Studies, Law
    Areas: gopalganj sadar, kashiani
    Experience: Assalamu Alaikum Warrahmatullah. Hope everyone is well. I am Hafez Maulana Mufti Abdul Mumin Khan. Alhamdulillah I studied in the most famous and traditional madrasah of Bangladesh with reputation and more details

    ID # 122145555
    Hafez Md.Tanvir Hussain
    Member Since: 12-12-2021
    6000 tk/month , BAGERHAT
    Qualification: Huffazul Quran And Tajweed
    Teaching: Quran Reading, Religion/ Islamiat
    Areas: fakirhat
    Experience: I'm a professional Online Quran & Tajweed Teacher(Basic to Advanced.And I'm expert in fluent Quran Reciter, Proper pronunciation according to makhraz and Tajweed.I've been teaching since 4+ years ago. more details
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