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Tania Islam Runa

Member Since: 05-12-2017
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Tania Islam Runa
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Experience: Dear Parents, Assalamualikum.I want to teach your kidz with care.I have long teaching experience. Class(1-8) ALL Subjects.I am available only in Bonosree,Rampura Dhaka. About Me, I'm former student of hons. Thanks

Qualification: B.A (Honours) in History
Area Covered: DHAKA ( BADDA , RAMPURA )
Teaching: Math, Bangla, English, General Math, ICT, Multiple subjects, Religion/ Islamiat, Social Science, Biology, Civics, Computer Science, English, General Science, History, Islamic Studies, Economics
Phone: 01724785381
Email: [email protected]

Tuition Info:
Expected Minimum Salary:
4000 tk/month :Negotiable
Current Status for Tuition:
Days per week:
4 days/week
Preffered Tutoring Style:
Private Tuition
Place of Learning:
Home Visit My Place/Home
Extra Facilities:
Online Help Phone Help
Preferred Medium Of Education:
Bangla Medium English Medium
Preferred Classes:
Standard I Standard II Standard III Standard IV Standard V Standard VI Nursery Class VIII Class I Class II Class III Class IV Class V Class VI
Preferred Subjects:
General Math ICT Multiple subjects Religion/ Islamiat Social Science Bangla English Math Biology Civics Computer Science English General Science History Islamic Studies Economics
Preferred Areas to Teach:
Educational Qualification


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